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Professional Development (For Teachers) Our customized and proprietary training series developed and facilitated by veteran educator, international artist and GA founder, Gabriel “Asheru” Benn.


1. Chop't Ed workshops - Critical High Order Pedagogical Thinking 

for Educators 

Borrowed from the concept of the TV cooking show of the same name, teachers, administrators, and school specialists will team up to create on the spot, culturally engaging lesson plans that span across the various core subject areas:  ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Math. The result is a crowdsourced and shared 

thinktank of instructional ideas and lessons that can be expanded upon, shared, and distributed among workshop participants for classroom use. This innovative activity is designed for teachers to engage their creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a unique exercise in instructional design.

2. Teaching with "R.H.Y.T.H.M." - The "Anti-Ism Mindset for Servant Leaders

Led by veteran educator, artist and Guerilla Arts Ink founder, Gabriel "Asheru" Benn, and titled after his upcoming book of the same name, "The R.H.Y.T.H.M." is a transformative method of engagement that facilitates harmonious relationship building through a series of interpersonal cues, culturally affirming practices, and a service oriented approach, fortified by an asset and value based mindset  — allowing our nation’s teachers and other servant leaders to stand firm in their respective identities, roles, and purpose while being in service to others. (ie: high poverty areas, special education needs)

3. COMING SOON! Professional Development For Creatives Series 

Supports to help you get your:

  • Setting up your small business

  • Getting your CBE

  • Social Media Marketing 101 

  • Business Incubation and Acceleration

  • Graphic Design and Branding Packages

  • Business Tax Prep

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